Term 1 - Block 1

Wednesday 1st February to

Wednesday 1st March 2017


Term 1 - Block 2

Wednesday 8th March to

Wednesday 5th April 2017


Term 2 - Block 1

Wednesday 26th April to

Wednesday 24th May 2017


Term 2 - Block 2

Wednesday 31st May to

Wednesday 28th June 2017


Term 3 - Block 1

Wednesday 19th July to

Wednesday 16th August 2017


Term 3 - Block 2

Wednesday 23rd August to

Wednesday 20th September 2017


Term 4 - Block 1

Wednesday 11th October to

Wednesday 8th November 2017


Term 4 - Block 2

Wednesday 15th November to

Wednesday 13th December 2017




Learn to Skate is an excellent pathway to better General Skating, Figure Skating or Ice Hockey.


Learn to Skate caters for multiple levels of ability and is for all ages.


Learn to Skate sessions are run between 8:00am and 10:00am on Saturday mornings, and between 5:30 and 6:30pm on Wednesdays.


Your Learn to Skate session will have you on the ice for ONE HOUR, which includes half an hour of tuition, and half an hour to practice your freshly acquired skills in a free skate.


The Lessons are run in groups of up to 10 skaters, but individuals will progress through the groups at their own rate.


Learn to Skate is an ongoing program that runs in conjunction with NSW School Terms.


For more information or to book your place in the Learn to Skate school, please :


Email learntoskate@huntericeskating.com.au  - or -  Phone 0432 429 332 to speak to Madeleine, our Learn to Skate Co-ordinator.


Cost - $80 per block


1 lesson if just trying or paying weekly - $17
Skate hire per lesson if required - $4


Below are the lesson blocks for 2017 :




Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30pm

Saturday 8:00 - 10:00am

Learn to Skate


Term 1 - Block 1

Saturday 4th February to

Saturday 4th March 2017


Term 1 - Block 2

Saturday 11th March to

Saturday  8th April 2017


Term 2 - Block 1

Saturday 29th April to

Saturday  27th May 2017


Term 2 - Block 2

Saturday 3rd June to

Saturday  1st July 2017


Term 3 - Block 1

Saturday 22nd July to

Saturday  19th August 2017


Term 3 - Block 2

Saturday 26th August to

Saturday  23rd September 2017


Term 4 - Block 1

Saturday 14th October to

Saturday 11th November 2017


Term 4 - Block 2

Saturday 18th November to

Saturday 16th December 2017





Hunter Ice Skating Club

Figure skating is all about grace, style, precision and fun.


If you are interested in becoming a figure skater or would just like to know more about the sport, please visit the Hunter Ice Skating Club website.

Kailani Craine

Australian Female Figure Skating Champion 2014, 2015 & 2016.


Kailani is hoping to represent Australia at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.


Kailani is proudly sponsored by the
Hunter Ice Skating Stadium.


Images from Kailani's website kailanicraine.com